Monday, November 18, 2013

Getting serious in the kitchen with tools and recipes!

These days I am a "collector " of cookbooks. I like to actually sit down and read them like a book. Knowledge is power in the kitchen as well as learning to use your tools properly and not to "FUDGE" everything. Get Serious about the kitchen for a season to be a better cook. For years I was always in a hot hurry in the kitchen and never took the time or had the right tools to "make it happen" It is well worth it to build up a stock of "GOOD " kitchen tools then load up your kitchen with tools that really don't get the job done. It takes time and money but it is well worth it. Learning to read recipes is well worth it example all the ingredients should be listed in order and you should read the "ENTIRE " recipe through to make sure you have all the ingredients. Also using the "correct" measuring tools example.. using a measuring teaspoon verses a any old teaspoon. If you decide to get serious about "cooking" approach it in this matter for a season so that you can get a good grasp on your kitchen - your work area. Don't despare if you don't have thousands to put into your kitchen just put those items on your wish list you never know when someone gets tired of something example a ice cream maker or bread maker, etc.. and it is up for grabs for you.. I know it sounds funny but you may even want to start wearing a apron in the kitchen to keep yourself in "serious" mode about your kitchen after all it is "science" and you can be a mad scientist in the kitchen experimenting with this or that once you step out of your comfort zone and get the basics down. Cooking is always changing and the dieting laws of yesterday are out of fad.. just like fashion I have seen (as a outside observer!) that example right now ... everyone is rushing to gluttonfree.. later on it will be something else.. but just keep both feet on the floor and don't run with every idea as some may not be correct or they may be right on! So get serious in the kitchen and just like in elementary school once you learn the basics of reading you will be able to read and do more and more! 

What is a kitchen spatula?
  From doing a little research online it is a lot of things.. what I called a cake spreader , a "FLIPPER" , a egg turne, a cake knife, all seem to have the name of Spatula. If I find a "official Name" I will share it with you. I thought you might find this interesting. But from what I have found so far... these are "ALL SPATULAS!" please feel free to tweet with me about the great spatula debate! 

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